CybersecCon 2020

Cybersecurity has been taking centre stage around the world, with cyber-attacks becoming more prominent and their complexity more and more difficult to protect against. This was a chance for the cybersecurity experts to share their knowledge and experience with NZ businesses. This event was a combination of simultaneous technical workshops, conference and a after party.

DOP Xmas Party

The Department of Post does things a little different.. like having a industry Christmas party in early February! Add a Hawaiian theme and you have the makings of a crazy night!

Tupu Toa Gala Dinner 2020

The Tupu Toa Gala Dinner 2020 is a night to celebrate the success of Tupu To a Interns and recognise the contribution of business partners, whanau, alumni and supporting organisations. Many o the interns were given the opportunity to share their story which was often nothing short of inspiring.